Project Description

La lucha del Rey de Oussouye

While visiting the region of Casamance in September 2010, I found the celebrations of the King of Oussouye in the Kassa´s kingdom. This festival is celebrated in different towns as Oussouye, Kahinda, Oukout, Boukitingo, Carounate or Mlomp, and during two weeks (after the rainy season), dances, prayers and especially the traditional Senegalese wrestling bouts are held.

In one of those places,  the fighters of neighboring villages met to fight, dressed full of colors and adorned with bizarre objects. They came marching and dancing towards their opponents and encouraged by the shouts of their wives. The honor of their village comes into play.

According to their age and strength, wrestlers challenged their opponents. A contest of strength and skills that only ended when one of them fell down. The victory was celebrated by fighters whose women were putting talcum powder at their back and filling their pride and honor.