Project Description

Etiopía Kes be kes

“Ethiopia, Kes be Kes” is a collection of photographs prepared for an exhibition that aims to express a personal vision of its territory that helps the viewer to have another idea of Ethiopia, often biased by the image of extreme poverty and famine.

“Kes be Kes”, is a linguistic expression in Amharic (the official language of Ethiopia) that means little by little, or step by step. As the African saying goes, “You Europeans have watches, we have time.” Thus, little by little, under that different perception of time, Ethiopia has developed an extensive history full of unique singularities that have endowed its territory with a formidable and characteristic social, cultural and geographical heritage.

Ethiopia is considered the cradle of humanity since it is possible that the appearance of homo sapiens took place in its territory. Since then, Ethiopia can boast of being one of the oldest independent states in the world and being the only African state not colonized by European countries, which has allowed it to preserve its cultural heritage almost intact.

Currently, Ethiopia is immersed in a transformation by increasing its basic services throughout the country and improving its infrastructure.

“Ethiopia Kes be kes”, seeks to transmit in a striking way the ethnic, landscape and cultural diversity of Ethiopia formed through its long history and that gives its territory a charm and an intoxicating mystery.