What are the recent trends in International Development? What are the current mechanisms to improve aid efficiency?  I am an adjunct professor of international development and social entrepreneurship at IE University and I provide conference on different issues about International Development.


  • February 2018: Keynote speaker on “Africa and the globalization“, II congress of Africa and development, Valladolid, Spain
  • January 2018: Expert participation in the workshop “The Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals in the urban agenda“, Soria, Association of Spanish Municipalities
  • April 2017: Leading the panel “Migration and development“, Harvard Global Development Conference 2017, Harvard Kennedy School
  • July 2016: Lecture: “The tourism industry in the post-conflict regions of Sri Lanka”, Development Agency Board meeting, Sri Lanka
  • April 2016: Leading the panel: “Evidence-based policies in International Development“, Harvard International Development conference 2016, Harvard Kennedy Schoool
  • November 2013, “De la Vulnerabillidad a la superación de las crisis: la resiliencia de las comunidades”, Conferencia Internacional, AECID
  • Diciembre 2011, Lecture “Ethiopia”, Espacio Joven, Valladolid, Spain