What is an innovation ecosystem? What are the models and best practices? Why do we talk now about Innovation and cities? How can we strengthen local innovation ecosystems to foster economic development? 


  • April 2018: Lecture on “Urban innovation ecosystems”, San Sebastian (Spain)
  • October 2017: Lecture on “How to strengthen local innovation ecosystem: existing models and good practices“, Week Innovation, Urban Mand EcoRIS3  of Interreg Europe, San Sebastian (Spain)
  • November 2017: Lecture on “Local innovation ecosystems: Good technological practices”, Association of Telecommunication Engineers, Castilla y León
  • December 2017: Panelist on “Strategic design process 2018-2022” University of Valladolid, Spain
  • July 2016: Lecture: “The tourism industry in the post-conflict regions of Sri Lanka”, Development Agency Board meeting, Sri Lanka
  • April 2016: Leading the panel: “Brain drain vs brain circulation“, Annual Event of Spanish students at Harvard University