Mentorship programs are becoming very important due to the global talent mobility and the professional and personal opportunities that have been generated. International Mentorship programs provides benefits at individual level like networking, professional coaching, personal awareness, visibility or access to innovation. But also, they have many other positive externalities at the society because they support access to information in a diverse and inclusive way, improves job satisfaction and self-awareness, enhances productivity and innovation ecosystems and strengthen a culture of support and collaboration.

International mobility has been currently shown a characteristic of talented successful professionals. International academic and professional experiences provide students with better career and personal skills. This helped them when they come back to their home country to find a better job and to face the global changes that affects the job market.

I am heading the international expansion of the International Mentorship Program of the International Foundation for the Development of Higher Education (IMFAHE), which has developed a pioneer program recognized internationally. IMFAHE has created a platform with highly qualified Spanish scientists/professional (>200) affiliated to top international institutions (52 -in 3 continents-) abroad. They are providing mentorship to their home country’s students with the collaboration of national universities and public/private institutions. At the same time, this platform has become an extraordinary resource for the Spanish society as it is transferring knowledge and innovation to Spain in different ways (mentorship, conferences, online teaching…) and it is giving the possibility to Spanish emigrants to come back thanks the new connections, visibility and opportunities provided by the effect of this International network.


  • November 2016, Lecture  “How can I work in United Nations”, Harvard Kennedy School, USA
  • April 2016: Moderation and coordination of the panel: “Brain drain vs brain circulation“, Annual Event of Spanish students at Harvard University