Economic growth policies, local innovation ecosystems, better know-how, strategic plans… all are tools that increase economic development. With the Harvard Center for International Development, my role in Sri Lanka (2016) was to support the tourism vision and to develop analysis and recommendations of tourism development zones, the tourism informal sector or the capabilities of government offices.

I published this book about the tourism industry in the post-conflict regions of Sri Lanka.


Impact evaluation looks to assess the change attribute to a particular policy or project. Impact evaluations seek to answer cause-and-effect questions. Check for example what I wrote about impact evaluationMy contribution in this field has been to evaluate projects like in Cusco (Peru) with the World Bank, where we evaluated the impact of an intervention in different municipalities.

 The World Bank supported different offices of the government of Cusco to simplify the authorizations needed to open a business. My job was to evaluate the quantitative impact of that intervention in the informality, investment and employment and also unintended effects.

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