YesEuropeLab is a civic action Lab. I participate as a coach and special project lead.

Our goal is to shape the future of Europe by empowering a new generation of civic and political leaders through training, mentoring, and community building.

Our tools are workshops and grassroots campaigns, mentoring to individuals and organizations, and media products aimed at fostering civic participation of European citizens.

We operate via three different channels:

  • Training programs in grassroots organizing, adaptive leadership, political campaigning, new media, and civic tech. We do this via a fellowship program, workshops, webinars, seminars, online tools, and coaching.
  • Field campaigns aimed at fostering citizen’s participation and at helping citizens connect with their European identity. Our end goal is to expand the base of pro-European citizens across Europe.
  • Mentoring provided to organizations and individuals who want to support the European project and are facing dilemmas in leadership, organizing, and campaigning.